Compiling OpenCV without QT (QT 설정을 제외하고 OpenCV 컴파일 방법)

공대생의 팁 2018.10.11 21:14

 Recently there was a big problem while using LSD SLAM as ROS. When I installed LSD SLAM with ROS Kinetic, 'DebugWindow DEPTH' is not reponding with no image. I found that you must install the OpenCV library separately.

 First, download the latest version of OpenCV.

$ wget

 Second, unzip the downloaded file.

$ unzip

 Third, download and install cmake-gui

$ sudo apt install cmake-qt-gut

 After that, make a build folder and Prepare to use cmake-gui.

$ cd opencv-3.4.3

$ mkdir build

$ cd build

$ cmake-gui ../

 If you proceed as far as this, you will see the following screen.

 Now click the "Generate" button.

Then you can see the result above. Please uncheck "WITH_QT" and click "Generate" again. Then you finish the work.

 Finally compile and install your program!

$ make -j4 && sudo make install